Readings with Suzanne

A number of our clients like to leave feedback but wish to remain anonymous.
We respect their wishes and only publish names with permission.

“Having travelled all over the world making shows about the esoteric, the occult and in essence ghost hunting, in doing this  I have met thousands of so-called mediums and clairvoyants. It is VERY rare to find one that is believable and real. The very first night working live on radio to an audience of millions Suzanne read listeners with an accuracy that was phenomenal. She was right every time, names, dates, places, experiences, things she could not possibly know! The one listener who was disappointed after she told him he had a brother in spirit, rang back after talking to his family, saying that his Mother had a baby die at birth and had never told him about it. She knows more than the people asking her questions. Since then she’s been out with me to exorcise properties, and to accompany me on a number of incredible ghost hunts. Apart from being a lovely person, she is the real McCoy in a world full of fakers.” – Alan Robson MBE
Talk Show Host – Metro Radio Night Owls

I really enjoyed my reading, I felt at peace, more relaxed than I have in a long time.
I felt a connection in a way that I wouldn’t expect, I will definitely be back- Law

Very interesting and accurate will definitely recommend- Anonymous

Great reading, hit the nail on the head in many respects. Good fortune to come, ill watch with interest – Anonymous

Very insightful and reassuring, a lot made sense, absolutely amazing, pleasantly surprised-Anonymous

Suzanne I would love to thank you very much you’ve made me feel so good. I am so pleased to have met you – Ellen

Excellent reading, talked to my parents and people in the past. Put me right on track for my future, made me settled – Lorna Hunter

Thought reading was really good, thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone-Anonymous

Thanks, very much put my mind at rest hearing from loved ones, would come back – Kelly

Great, really pleased with my reading she mentioned all the people I wanted to hear about. Brilliant! – Kim

A very interesting reading- many spirits came through that I wanted to hear from- will definitely recommend!! – Lynsey

Very happy with my reading with Suzanne found it very helpful, will be back – C.Johnston

Enjoyed reading, some very good comments made. Sometimes difficult to think and make connections with names given, but with recording im sure I can relate at a later date. Would definitely return – Anonymous

Suzanne, I enjoyed my reading it was nice to hear from my parents on the other side – Eddy

Best reading I have had, worth coming from Scotland for it, will be back – Charlene

A good reading that rang true in many parts, Suzanne is honest, calming and friendly- Anonymous

I really enjoyed my reading, Suzanne was very warm and friendly which made me feel at ease – Anonymous

Suzanne was very helpful, everything Suzanne told me was true and put my mind at ease –Anonymous

Some positive comments made good things to look forward to – Anonymous

A very enlightening experience, an insight into positivity – Anonymous

Guidance and understanding of spirit, a road to happiness, God bless – Anonymous

Just a note to say reading went well Suzanne, you hit on a lot of things that were very true and I hope to come and see you in the future, Love – Dorothy

Very informative good reading, will come again – S

Very good reading, makes you feel at ease, very informative thank you – Anonymous

Wow, really good reading hope it all comes true, thank you – Anonymous

Cant believe Suzanne could know all of that, my family from years ago came through, I came out an emotional wreck but in a good way, I feel so calm happy and content, god bless – Anonymous

I thought my reading went really well and I was pleased my family come through – Tammy

It was a very good reading, enjoyed all of it – Anonymous

Lovely experience, found the reading really helpful. Will definitely be coming back to see Suzanne, thank you for your time – Anonymous

Thank you very much. There were many perceptive comments that brought comfort and healing. I appreciated the accuracy of the information passed over and on. There was a warmth from Suzanne and an obvious passion for her work. Thank you for peace given- Anonymous

Very interesting reading and was surprised at how specific Suzanne was. This reading was the most accurate reading I have had. Will call you when all dreams come true- Annmarie

Really honest and straight to the point everything she said was true. Pointed out that I was going to New York and also that I was having driving lessons there was no way she could have known the things she did. Amazing! – Anonymous

Suzanne, thanks for my reading it really did cover everything I was interested in. Good to know my future looks good – Tracie

Suzanne thank you again for another fantastic reading you were again so right with everything, you have really helped me with so mant things, thanks again, see you soon- Dawn Bell

I have never had a reading like it! Amazing and I feel for the fist time I have received something from it. Thank you Suzanne and I look forward to my healing – Lynne

Really Enjoyed my reading and told me loads of things and I would recommend to everyone, I’ll definitely come back thank you so much it has really helped me – Marc

I think the reading was the best I have had to date. You confirmed everything that I have been thinking over the last six months. You also said things you could not know without talking with my mum, Thank you – Mark

Interesting reading with good influenced (applicable to me). Feels that I have lots to look forward to in my life. Good feelings and looking forward to them, thank you – Anonymous

Very good, would recommend to friends I am really pleased it was spot on- Anonymous