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Suzanne has taken part in a number of hauntings, exorcisms and ghost hunts, the most famous of which was the haunting of the Wheatsheaf public hoiuse in West Boldon, South Tyneside. This remarkable series of events was turned into a dramatized documentary for the Discovery TV Channel. It also received lots of press coverage too.  Read about this below

Extract from Evening Chroncle 30th September 2004


Chilling tale of psychic and ghost of murdered girl

Psychic Suzanne Hadwin knew she had to do something when a little girl cried out for help.

The voice came from the ghost of six-year-old Jessica Ann Hargreaves, murdered in 1908 at what is now the Wheatsheaf pub, in West Boldon.

Suzanne, a medium by profession, had been at the haunted pub for a charity psychic event. She claims the premises had 37 spirits; about eight were children and one was Jessica’s murderer Joseph Lawrence.

 Suzanne, 32, of Witherwack, Sunderland, said: “Jessica was communicating with me. She’d been strangled and raped. He cut her up and trampled on her in the cellar. He tried to get rid of the evidence and threw all her clothes and belongings in a big fireplace.

“When I first heard Jessica, I felt in my heart that I had to help her. I felt so overwhelmed. She was saying: `Please help me, he’s hurting me’ and was trapped.

“And all the time I was in the pub, her killer was there. He murdered a lot of children and hid their bodies inside. He was a vicious, evil man. The atmosphere made you feel sick and tense. I felt like he was going to go for me at any minute.”

Over two weeks, Suzanne said she stayed at the pub nightly and managed to release all the spirits into heaven, including Jessica. But Lawrence had to be forced out.

During the seances, Lana Grabinskis, a spiritual artist, was able to draw sketches of Jessica and Lawrence from Suzanne’s descriptions. In some photographs they captured white blobs, which they say are orbs of spirit energy.

According to Suzanne, the pub used to be a stopping place for travellers on their way to Scotland. Lawrence, who had a southern accent and was dressed in grey, was a worker in his early thirties. He may have been a plasterer or miner.

Jessica was a local girl. Her mother was called Kathleen and her father Billy, who ended up killing Joseph Lawrence.

After they purged the pub of the ghosts, they managed to dig up a lock of Jessica’s hair, a heel of her shoe and small rags from her clothing.

Suzanne said: “The girl told me her body was in the pub and we tried to search for it in a wall, where the fireplace used to be. That’s where we found these items. We want to hand them over to scientists to be analysed and hope a search can be carried out to find her remains”.

Staff at the pub say there were a lot of ghostly goings-on before they were released, like chairs and utensils flying around, banging, screaming and the feeling of being pushed or touched by someone who is not there.

Pub manageress Kamylah Momat, who has been there for a year, said: “We found a hand print of a child in some jelly, even though there were no children here. Our heavy industrial fridge was always found open, even though the kitchen door was locked. We just can’t explain these things.”

Suzanne is now hoping to carry out more research and wants to trace any relatives of Jessica.BBC News

Extract from BBC News Channel article

Council pays psychic for exorcism

Sabrina Fallon
Sabrina Fallon said the ghostly resident has gone

A psychic was paid £60 by a council to rid a County Durham home of a “poltergeist” after ghostly goings-on.Easington Council employed medium Suzanne Hadwin after Peterlee tenant Sabrina Fallon reported paranormal activity including moving objects.

Miss Fallon had even called police after hearing bangs which terrified her children Shannon, nine, and Amie, one.

A council spokesman said it paid half the psychic’s fee as it was the most cost-effective solution.

Andrew Burnip, the council’s homelessness and housing advice manager, said the family had been left “traumatised” by the strange goings on and wanted to leave the house.

The council considered rehousing the family in temporary accommodation but this would have cost up to £40 per night.

“This family was absolutely distraught and believed what was happening,
that is not to say that the council believed”
Housing manager Andrew Burnip

Miss Fallon said the spirit had now gone and the house had a “lovely atmosphere”.

She said: “It all started before Christmas. We were away and my sister’s husband had the keys.

“He let himself in one night and heard whispering and banging from upstairs. He shouted out: ‘You better get out or I’m calling the police.’

“He said my dressing gown then came floating down the stairs and landed at his feet.

“He ran out and rang me crying like a girl saying something awful had happened – I thought he was drunk, but when we came back we heard the bangs and whispering.”

Medium Suzanne Hadwin
Medium Suzanne Hadwin performed an exorcism

Burnip said: “This family was absolutely distraught and believed what was happening – that is not to say that the council believed.

“What we saw was a relatively small amount to pay for an outcome which in effect saved the taxpayer many hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.”

Medium Ms Hadwin said she used her “gift” to isolate the spirit in one room and then exorcise it from the house.

“I went into the house and there was a horrible atmosphere,” she said.

“I could feel the entity around all the time. He was bombarding the house and the whole family – they were terrified.

“I put down a circle of salt, asked the family to be present and I have now sent him on his way.”


Ghostbuster to probe grisly murders at UK’s ‘most haunted pub’

A PSYCHIC is set to reveal the grisly secret past of Britain’s most haunted pub.

Multiple murder, bloody revenge and a tortured child’s voice are said to be behind the ghostly goings on at the Wheatsheaf Inn, West Boldon.

Staff and regulars at the Rectory Bank boozer experienced unexplained events such as chairs and pan lids thrown across rooms, screwed in lampshades crashing to the floor, and a child’s handprint found in jelly in a locked room.

Spiritualist Suzanne Hadwin, formerly from Witherwack and Seaham, claimed to have found the victims of a child serial killer, buried in and around the pub.

The 35-year-old – who made national headlines this week when a council paid her to expel a ghoul from a family home in Peterlee – said she was contacted by the trapped spirit of Jessica Ann Hargreaves, allegedly strangled at the age of six in 1908.

Further revelations followed, that Jessica was one of eight or nine victims of a man called Joseph Lawrence, who in turn was murdered by her dad Billy – causing massive paranormal activity at the pub.

Investigations into the century-old murder allegations spurned a TV documentary about the Wheatsheaf – voted Britain’s most haunted pub four years ago.

But Ms Hadwin now says she has much more information about the pub’s murky past, which will be revealed in an illustrated book she aims to have published by July.

“There are a lot more twists and turns,” she said. “It’s going to be a really good story.”

Ms Hadwin said she now knows where Jessica is buried – after her body was moved following her death.

And she says there were three people involved in the murders, not just Joseph, whose real surname was Armstrong.

Ms Hadwin will be using her psychic powers at a charity night in Sunderland on March 10 – to relay messages form beyond the grave – to raise money for the Grace House Appeal.

For details, call the charity on 516 6302.

Read more: http://www.shieldsgazette.com/news/local-news/ghostbuster-to-probe-grisly-murders-at-uk-s-most-haunted-pub-1-1287315#ixzz3uP4UeOtt